Coach to Cure MD

Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano with some Duchenne Boys

Former Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano with some Duchenne Boys

Coach to Cure MD is a game-day charity partnership between the AFCA and ParentProject Muscular Dystrophy.

On the same week, all over the country, college coaches come together to focus the attention of the nation’s sports fans on the fight to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the most prolific genetic killer diagnosed in childhood.

Rice Head Coach David Bailiff with a Duchenne boy before a game in 2010.
Rice Head Coach David Bailiff

Our national focal point this year is the weekend of September 22-24 and every AFCA member coach can participate by wearing a Coach to Cure MD patch on the sidelines and talking about the cause in their interviews and media appearances.

This year, over 11,000 coaches are expected to participate!

Young men battling Duchenne should be on our football fields, but instead they face a much tougher opponent.

The boys fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy typically lose their ability to walk before they are teenagers. They stop running. They stop walking. The stop moving. They stop breathing. All of them. The life expectancy for this cruel disorder is just to the 20s, and it’s 100% fatal. College and High School coaches are determined to help change that!

Just like football success only comes with teamwork, we need your help to make Coach to Cure MD a success. Football fans can donate to life-saving research by either going online at or by texting the word CURE to 90999 on their mobile phones to give $5 on the next mobile phone bill.

Since the AFCA launched this partnership in 2008, college football’s backers have generously given roughly $1 million in cash and other donations. Those gifts have raised awareness of this great cause and helped fund critical research grants from ParentProject MD to university faculty at schools ranging from Florida to Missouri to UCLA, Ohio State and Penn, among others.

College and high school coaches who wish to participate in Coach to Cure MD can enroll by emailing or by visiting the Coach to Cure MD website.

Coach to Cure MD logo

You also can spread to word to your fellow college football fans by sharing this AFCA television ad featuring Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano.

Coach to Cure MD Television PSA

Coach to Cure MD – Because every young man deserves a chance to win.

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